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Paintings That Heal™ Literally!! Art therapy, Therapeutic art, Transformative art!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

how healing art IS the art therapy, Transformative healing art!

Brent Atwater's Blog Talk Radio: Intuitive Healing 4 Health

Date & Time: Each Wednesday 08/08/2007 at 9pm

Subject for this show: Paintings That Heal™ Literally!! Healing art that IS the therapy & art medicine, scientifically documented transformative healing art !

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Monday, January 08, 2007

"Soul Mates & Twin Flames: Friends and Lovers - One Heart/Soul"

"Soul Mates & Twin Flames: Friends and Lovers - One Heart/Soul"

Brent Atwater a pioneer in art medicine by having the healing benefits of her
Paintings that Heal ™ scientifically documented announces her new Painting and Print series:
"Soul Mates & Twin Flames: Friends and Lovers - One Heart/Soul"

Having experienced one heart/soul with another human being is a gift beyond breathing,
and is living a prayer come true. In April 1997, my heart's other half was killed in an automobile
wreck. To celebrate the joy and magnificence of that union, I have chosen to create a Soul Mate and Twin Flame series to honor the love that Mike and I shared. This series will depict the recognition of that special union, the joys of sharing, and the infinity of love forever and always beating thru two in one heart/soul.
I dedicate this to all the soul mates and twin flames who know and live what we touched for such a brief human time that transcends forever and always.

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Brent Atwater, Alternative Medical Specialist
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Friday, July 28, 2006

Paintings that Heal and Adam Dream Healer Useful LInks

Energy Healer and Artist Brent Atwater's Paintings that Heal™
Scientifically and Atlernatively documented art for health and art for healing
are featured on Adam Dream Healer's website under useful links:

B Brent Atwater - Alternative & Integrative Medical & Pediatric Specialist
Medical Intuitive & Distance Energy Healer

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Brent Atwater creates Paintings That Heal™ for Bridging Heaven & Earth Art Show

Brent Atwater creates Paintings That Heal™ for Bridging Heaven and Earth Art Show

The intention of the Bridging Heaven & Earth Art Project is to spread/enliven the vibration of Love--that is the Heart of the Project......

Brent Atwater, medical intuitive, energy healer and artist, created a four panel Paintings That Heal™ for the project, starting with Heaven and then connecting with earth. The paintings were on exhibit in Santa Barbara, California December 4, 2005, and then will travel with the Art Project collection.

The Bridging Heaven & Earth art project is, simply: a world-wide energy amplifying process using art and the collective energies of many.....basically it is that each artist produces an all-new (so it is fresh, spontaneous and NOW) work of art (painting, sculpture, collage....anything that comes through them) based on the theme " Bridging Heaven & Earth "....the collective energies of so many unbelievable, creative, people, from all over the world thinking, meditating on, and manifesting “Bridging Heaven & Earth " will be huge......
Then we will put the art on the Bridging television show that goes out all over the U.S. to over 150 cities and is shown on the Internet.....we will put all pieces on our website and feature them in the Bridging openings, shows at beautiful venues, possibly a book of the "Bridging Heaven & Earth" art down the's all open, inclusive, and infinite.....

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Friday, September 30, 2005

Laughter Therapy- The Power of Laughter thru "Atwater's Art with Attitude", Inspiring YOUR Giggle!

Laughter Therapy- The Power of Laughter thru "Atwater's Art with Attitude", Inspiring YOUR Giggle!
My new addition to Paintings that Heal™ is "Atwater's Art with Attitude," laughter therapy and laughter medicine on canvas to humor your soul. I've painted professionally 30+ years. As a medical intuitive & distance healer, I address serious health issues. To cheer myself up, I create paintings for my "Happy wall". These paintings make me smile, giggle or laugh out loud. I hope "Atwater's Art with Attitude" is inspirational for YOUR giggles!

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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Let yourself Loose! with Paintings That Heal™ Healing Art Workshop

Let yourself Loose! with Paintings That Heal™
A Healing Art workshop to Experience!
Combining Art Medicine & Energy Medicine, the Art of Healing!

It is my prayer and intent that these workshops and Individual Mentoring programs will assist and enable those who already have healing gifts and creative talents to expand even further.

This empowering self help course opens the doors of your mind, your avenuesof creativity, and liberates the healer within. You leave what "was", and journey thru and to "all that is and can be" thru the colors, images,ideas and energies that you create. There are no boundaries.

This course is about elevating energy, advancing health, cultivating wellness, and creating your wellbeing.If painting has ever crossed your mind, this is your course.
Experience is not a requirement, experiencing your intuition, the energies and creativityis! This facilitates your growth.
It's therapeutic and triggers your own healing abilities.
It's an interactive spiritual happening by delving into yoursoul and inspiring your intuition to access and express the energies that facilitate your wellbeing. The more you honor your individual expression and vulnerability, the greater you expand your awareness of, and honor all you are and can be.
You'll feel the shifts in your energies, as the colors and images flow while you paint various physical, emotional and spiritual issues.
The ART of healing is being taken to a new level.

It's a combination of Lectures, painting, group discussionsand combinations thereof:

Participants take home:
New skills and tools to manage and express their personal and creative energy.
The ability to discern the various energies that they channel to protect themselves when accessing these energies,
How to channel the energies correctly while painting.

Length of Workshop:This can be designed to be a full day workshop or planned as a seminar covering several days. Get a group together in your area and we'll create a custom workshop for you and your friends!

Mentoring, Individual Program:
This is an individual one on one mentoring program or a follow up continuing education for clients that have experienced a Paintings That Heal™ workshop, and want to expand their journey thru focused consultations with me.

Like an email course or computer correspondence course, we can complete your mentoring
program by sending your art to me in the mail or via email. This will allow me to evaluate and address the the energies in your art during our taped telephone sessions.

Brent Atwater
Paintings That Heal™